About Us...
Here at Black Powder Kennel, we strive to better the Black Russian Terrier breed by utilizing proven methods of selection for Sire and Dam of every litter. We consider all aspects of standard, temperament and health as well as others. 

Tessa has grown up in the "dog world" with her parents being some of the lead trainers for the DOD and police departments in the 1990's. She grew up with and helped train (basic obedience, man-tracking, tracking, beginner bitework, narcotics) Malinois, German Shepherds, Labs, Bloodhounds, etc. Tessa's first job, besides her parents kennel, was in a vet clinic. Her love of animals runs deep. She went to college at the University of Tennessee to become a zoologist - life happened and plans changed (otherwise she would be the Director of a Zoo!).

In the last few years, Ben and Tessa joined together to give back to the community in a way they felt got little attention. They began to take their dogs out to meet with all kinds of people as therapy for both the dogs and people. They began with taking their dogs to their kids schools and noticed how much the dogs enjoyed it and so did the kids. The kids began to look forward to the dogs coming to see them and the dogs were excited to see the children. With this grew their Therapy Dog program. 

Not to be out shined, they have also trained service dogs for veterans with psychological, psychosocial and physical disabilities (mobility assistance). These dogs are amazing as not only are they beautiful and do wonderful in the show ring, but they shine outside the ring as well!

Black Powder Kennel also offers training in: house breaking, obedience and manners with extensive socialization for a reasonable cost prior to delivery of the puppy on a case-by-case basis.

Our puppies are LOVED family members 1st and foremost!


Ben & Tessa Moore